After dealing with pain for as long as I can remember, I was pleasently shocked the day I experienced NO PAIN at all. This was a result of seeing Lindsay. Thank you Lindsay, I will always be greatful to you.


Jennifer Coe  Child & Youth Worker

“I met Lindsay at the LINC FAMILY FESTIVAL at the Stratford Rotary Complex on Saturday May 12, 2012 at 12pm. I had started my quest to get fit on January 13, 2012  and had already lost over 70 pounds at the time. I had been experiencing tension in the shoulders, legs and lower back from my very busy exercise schedule. I tried a sample 15 minute Bowen therapy session and felt immediately at ease with Lindsay. I booked an initial session for Bowen on Monday evening. I booked the session because I wanted to ‘handle’ the pain because I had booked a trip to take my daughters to Disney World and I wanted to make sure that I could keep up with them. After the first complete session, I felt like I had been completely reset. With a series of strategic touches the tensions were gone and I am now a believer. I did a few follow-up sessions with Lindsay and I was able to go to Disney World without having to stop walking because of pain! I did not want to meet the same fate as my Grandfather would trusted the drugs and surgery approach for his back pain that left him with a damaged nerve in his back and was only able to walk with a cane for the last 30 years of his life. The therapy itself is so relaxing it is like meditation for the muscles in the body as it gets retuned or realigned. I have also recommended Lindsay for my friend who had experienced similar back issues due to a decade old injury and is now able to manage the pain without drugs or surgery. Lindsay listens and skillfully applies Bowen to truly tune-up your body to be better than before. I like the fact that this therapy is non-intrusive and does not rely on managing pain with drugs. I would recommend you try Bowen to help manage and possibly correct muscles for pain. Thanks Lindsay!”



Several months ago I called Lindsay and starting coming to see her. Lindsay first started treating me using the Bowen method of treatment and then began Homeopathy with me. Her kindness and gentle care has helped me through memory loss, joint pain and fatigue. I stand taller when I leave her office, have no joint pain and a clear head. Many thanks Lindsay.



Dear Lindsay,

  Well, this Spring it will be one year since I first saw Lindsay to have my first experience in Bowen Therapy . 
  A little history ;
  After a four year struggle with what was diagnosed in Dec, 2011 as a large uterine fibroid, I began to have pain in my right leg, which worsened with time. I could tell it was nerve pain, saw my Chiropractor who knew right away what was wrong, but said it was impossible to help me due to the pressure on the nerve from the fibroid.
  He referred me to an excellent acupuncturist, who was able to control pain, but it was temporary, and I had to have weekly treatments. I did this from January to the end of March, when I had hysterectomy, and assumed the problem would be resolved. It was not. 
  After a google search, I was horrified to find that some women reported this same condition and it had been permanent. I returned to my gynocologist and he agreed it could be,(damage to nerve), and offered a nerve specialist if I so chose.
  I had heard Lindsay speak passionately about Bowen Therapy at a women's group, and thought I would try . 
  Funny, also that when I told my sister in law, who works in a medical office about the problem, she emailed me right away, and said the gals in her office were highly recommending Lindsay also. 
  I was a bit worried about treatment, still having lots of pain from full abdominal hysterectomy, but Bowen is SO gentle !! 
  I did do some research about it before going, and knew it was possible that it would get worse before better. 
  It did, but I just told myself that meant it was working ...and I was right. 
  After the first treatment the pain was worse for a day or so, then by day three, I saw improvement ...back for another treatment at day five, again  pain worsened a little, but not as much this time, but three days after THIS treatment, the pain was nearly gone.  
  I did a third treatment , and this time , no worsening , and I have never felt  the pain again. 
  That summer, I also had a condition in my jaw ...fluid build up from an ear infection or something, but I was about to leave for NL, so I went to Lindsay again. She worked on the problem and said I may see some fluid release in the next few days ...which would be good. 
  Well , before I got a block away , my eye was running , and after a second treatment , I could bite down on  both sides again!
  I'm a believer! Bowen works! 
  Lindsay is gentle and professional. 
  I feel so lucky that she lives in Stratford! Often, one needs to travel to large cities to find these new, alternative, leading edge treatments!! 
  I tell everyone who has a problem to see her ... not sure how many do, but it's their loss if they don't.  
  Truthfully, if you went to one appointment, and were not open minded, you might say .."This is too simple ..how could it possibly help ?" 
  It is like a very gentle massage. We are conditioned, I believe, to think it has to be a big deal, or very painful, in order to see results. This just isn't so with Bowen .
  So, long testimonial here, but I was appreciative of  explanations from others when I googled, so I thought people would appreciate this one too! 

With gratitude, 

Pauline Bokkers

I have suffered from extreme facial pain, diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia. I have tried different techniques in an effort to get relief. One day a friend told me about Lindsay Smith and her Bowen Technique. I am so glad she did.

I have experienced great relief from my treatments with Lindsay. The Bowen Technique is such a non-invasive and natural method of healing I highly recommend it. It has sure helped me.


Nancy Skillings

I didn't know much about Bowen Therapy before my treatment with Lindsay, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I was dealing with a deep rooted pain from an injury years ago, that was causing discomfort, every day. During the 1st treatment I was amazed at how relaxed I became and how my body & mind settled. Lindsay has a therapeutic touch and triggered the right points in all the right places. After the 4th treatment I no longer have the pain associated with my deep rooted issue. Up until this treatment I tried everything! Bowen was the most effective with the longest lasting results. I highly recommend a consultation with Lindsay to assist with pain, discomfort, relaxation, and for preventative measures.


Krista Carleton  Ayurvedic Practitioner, Certified Reflexologist

I was very happy to have chosen Bowen as treatment to relieve pain and discomfort that I had been living with for a very long time. The gentle touch and relaxing effects of Bowen proved to be a positive experience as other therapies did not offer these benefits. I was very happy to have experienced Bowen and after my first session with Lindsay I was feeling refreshed and relaxed. I definitely recommend Bowen Therapy to anyone who is looking for results as it provided me with an overwhelming sense of wellness.


Nancy Voros  Farmer, Mother of three, Mature Student

Hi Lindsay, Hope you remember me. You gave my daughter, Nikkol, and myself a mini treatment in the mall on Saturday Feb 19th. It was incredible !! The pain in my lower back remains greatly reduced and the pain between Nikkol's shoulders left immediately and has not returned. The treatments left us with an overwhelming sense of relaxation and wellness. What a GREAT gift you have! Thank you again,


Cheryl Drotos  RPN, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Reflexologist

Lindsay's very gentle and sensitive nature lends itself well to this subtle, yet powerful therapeutic modality. It is very respectful of the body's innate healing powers and much time is given for the client to thoroughly absorb each phase of treatment. During my sessions, I could really sense physical and emotional patterns and connections in my body. By breathing mindfully and slowly in relation to Lindsay's efforts, I was able to release a lot of tension and in doing so, I felt like a participant in the transformation as it was happening moment by moment. I came away feeling lighter, clearer and stronger on all levels.


Meredith Brown Registered Yoga Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist

I learned of Bowen Therapy after 25 years of chronic back and neck pain. Over these years I sought monthly treatment and tried a variety therapies all of which would bring temporary relief but the pain would always gradually return. Three Bowen treatments was all it took to resolve the chronic pain that had plagued me for a quarter century! Now I don't go to work in pain or come home with pain; I enjoy a better quality of life thanks to the help of Lindsay and Bowen.


Fred Buck  Electrician